Science: Lewellen, Meise

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                                                                    Life Science

Supplies for class:

Loose leaf paper


2 Sturdy folders (one for school, one for home)

3 – 100 count 3x5 index cards

Based on your Last Name: (these items will be turned into your Science  teacher at the beginning of the year)

A-E - Dry erase Markers 

F-J - 3-pack glue sticks

K-O - Scotch Tape

P-S - Colored Pencils

T-Z - Post-It Notes

for students:
Username: first name initial + last name +last three of your student ID (exmple: mlewellen123)
Password: [email protected]
*If you are struggling with your password or log-in and don't see an assignment, please contact your teacher!*

Campus Portal Grade Viewer:
for students:
Username: student ID number
Password: first name inital + last name initial+birthdate MMDDYY

Life Science Agenda

Dear parent(s)/guardian(s),

Please remind your students to check google classroom and their gmail every day during our online learning adventure. All of the assignments they are responsible for will be pushed out through those platforms. 
Thank you for your support!

Mrs. Lewellen and Mrs. Meise

Lewellen/Meise- May 11 - May 15, 2020:

This week we will be completing our final assignment, the Human Impact Project. The assignment can be found in the classwork section of google classroom. It is very similar to the Invasive Species Research you did a few weeks ago. The Human Impact Project is due Friday, May 15 2020. This is the only assignment for the week, so make sure you use your BEST EFFORT and finish the year strong! 

If it helps you to have a weekly suggestion about how to complete the assignment in chunks, please follow the one below.

**Monday: Teacher work day
Tuesday: Pick a topic (#1) and complete numbers 2, 3, and add to your work cited.
Wednesday: Complete numbers 4, 5, and add to your work cited.
Optional Digital Check-in
Thursday: Complete numbers 6, 7, and add to your work cited.
Friday: 8, 9, add to your work cited, AND TURN IT IN (this is your graded assignment). ***

Please check Infinite Campus the week and make sure all of your assignments are turned in! 

Additionally, we are going to have Zoom office hours as follows:
Mrs. Meise Tuesdays 10 - 10:30 am
Mrs. Lewellen Thursdays 11 - 11:30 am.

Here is a link to play science hangman (this is just for fun):



Tuesday 9/3: Anatomy of Cells Packet- Investigative Phenomena (Before instruction), APK, Scavenger Hunt in the classroom.

Wednesday 9/4: Cell organelle Function/analogy graphic organizer.

Thursday 9/5  and Friday 9/6: A Cell is Like a City. Due Monday 9/9. 
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