English Language Arts: Strickland, Korba, Davis

Mrs. Strickland: May 6-10
Monday- Pre-AP: Analysis of symbolism example in class. Symbol response due Friday. Finish Sci-Fi novel by May 14
ELA7: "Eye of the Beholder" viewing in class to begin symbolism and theme work

Tuesday-- Pre-AP: Writing day--Symbol response due Friday. Finish Sci-Fi novel by May 14
ELA7: Expectations for One-Pager introduced in class--due next Tuesday. Symbol focus for notes about "Eye of Beholder"

Wednesday-- Pre-AP: Summer Reading Homework for Pre-AP 8th grade handed out in class. Assignment is also posted under the 'for students' tab on FHMS website. Symbolism response due Friday.
ELA7: Work day for One-Pager on Symbolism/Theme--due next Tuesday

Thursday--  Pre-AP: "The Quiet World" poem analysis in class. Symbolism response due tomorrow
ELA7: Work day on One-Pager for Symbolism/Theme--due next Tuesday

Friday-- Pre-AP: Finish science fiction novel by May 14. Final quiz over novel May 17th. Theme response OR One-Pager over theme due May 16th (students have a choice of format for theme analysis)
ELA7: "The Quiet World" poem analysis in class; response due Monday if not completed in class. One-pager for symbolism/theme due next Tuesday

          Mrs. Korba                                     April 22-26

Monday:   MAP Testing
Tuesday:  MAP Testing
Wednesday:  MAP Testing
Thursday:  MAP Testing
Friday:   MAP Testing   Reading Response Journal is due!  (Conflict)


Students will be required to do a Book Talk every quarter.  There are sign up sheets in the classroom.  No exceptions!!  Points have been put into the grade book.

Please be sure your child has all the necessary supplies for 7th grade.  Thank you!

 Mrs. Davis (1st Hour only)

Monday 5/13- Today we had more time to work on our Sci-Fi one pagers. Final copy must be presented Tuesday.  Vocabulary quiz is on Wednesday (Study Quizlet on Google Classroom!).

Tuesday 5/14- Test tomorrow over vocabulary terms! Students did guided study today in class. Additionally, students presented their Sci-Fi one pagers to the class.

Wednesday 5/15- Students had additional review time and then took their vocabulary quiz.  We visited the Scholastic Book Fair today as well.  Students can bring in money to do a quick purchase on Thursday or Friday.

Thursday: Eye of the Beholder- Twilight Zone and theme work done in class

Friday: Letter to an incoming 7th grader regarding 7th Grade ELA expectations.

Homework: READ 15 minutes and review vocabulary nightly.

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Google account (look for the button!) and use their FHSD email credentials:

Example: Ldavis234@g.fhsdschools.org (first initial, last name, last 3 of lunch ID, and the extension).  Password is their computer password here at school!

Students should be reading 15 minutes a night to reach their goal of 3,000 minutes this school year.

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