English Language Arts: Strickland, Korba, Davis

Mrs. Strickland: Jan. 15-18
Monday-- Pre-AP and ELA7: Snow Day

Tuesday-- Pre-AP and ELA7: Argumentative Vocabulary Test.  Read assigned part of Book Club novel.

Wednesday-- Pre-AP: Grammar Keepers review tomorrow. Book Club meeting Friday--read and prepare 2 questions and 1 observation about novel for group.
ELA7: Read assigned part of Book Club novel. 3 questions over assigned reading on Thursday.

Thursday--  Pre-AP: 'Slip or Trip?' written argument due Tuesday. Evidence graphic organizer for Friday to prepare to write. Book Club meeting Friday-read and be ready!
 ELA7: 'Slip or Trip?' evidence graphic organizer due Friday.

Friday-- Pre-AP: 'Slip or Trip?' written argument due Tuesday beginning of hour (typed in Google Classroom)  Continue with next reading assignment for Book Club.
ELA7: 'Slip or Trip?' written argument due Tuesday-(typed in Google Classroom) Book Club reading work:  Spirit Bear-page 102 by Wednesday;  Mason Buttle- page 122 by Wednesday

Mrs. Korba
January 7-11

Monday: Introduction to Argumentative Writing, Book Talk scoring guides passed out.

Tuesday: Book Talks; 20 new academic vocabulary terms were assigned.  Test Wednesday, January 16th.

Wednesday: Book Talks; continue working on argumentative writing; discuss claim; study for academic vocabulary

Thursday: Library Check Out; study for academic vocabulary


ATTENTION!!!!      All students will be required to read  and take quizzes over 6 Mark Twain, Truman OR Gateway nominees. These are due March 4, 2019!


Students will be required to do a Book Talk every quarter.  There are sign up sheets in the classroom.  These are due Thursday, December 13th.  No exceptions!!

Please be sure your child has all the necessary supplies for 7th grade.  Thank you!

 Mrs. Davis (1st Hour only)

Monday 1/14- No school-Snow Day

Tuesday 1/15- Students began to write their argument for who kidnapped William. They should include a claim, 3 pieces of evidence, and three pieces of reasoning in their piece. 

1/16- Wednesday- Students looked and defined claim, evidence, and reasoning in another example writing piece.  They also took a quick quiz (not for a grade) on our terms so far.  They will redo this quiz for a grade on Friday.  They need to study their notes on claim, evidence, and reasoning.  
Homework: Study notes and read!

Thursday 1/17- Students learned new vocabulary today: counter-claim and rebuttal.  These words have been added to our quizlet.  They had time to work on their argumentative papers that are due Tuesday. We will attend the Spelling Bee 1st hour tomorrow to support a student in our class.  If time permits, we will take the redo quiz on claim, evidence, and reasoning.  Students have notes to prepare for this test!

Friday 1/18- Students attended a portion of the Spelling Bee today. Congrats to our class participant! We are proud of you!  We retook the argumentative writing quiz today and had time to work on our arguments of who kidnapped William.  It is important that students are FINISHED with this assignment before Tuesday.  It is needed for our activity.  Thank you!

Homework: READ 15 minutes and finish argumentative writing piece on Who Kidnapped William-Upload it to Google Classroom!

Trouble signing into your Google Account?
Google account (look for the button!) and use their FHSD email credentials:

Example: Ldavis234@g.fhsdschools.org (first initial, last name, last 3 of lunch ID, and the extension).  Password is their computer password here at school!

Students should be reading 15 minutes a night to reach their goal of 3,000 minutes this school year.

Click here for the Link to Mrs. Davis's Google Classroom!

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